Guard Dog Hornet 2 (Various Colors)

The world’s smallest stun gun is back and better than ever with an added personal security siren and more streamlined design. The Guard Dog Security Hornet 2 is a 3-in-1 personal defense tool that gives you control over any threatening situation. In a moment of tension, the Hornet blasts a startling 120 decibel alarm to fend off a potential assailant by bringing notice to the situation up to 300 feet away. With a swift activation, the Hornet offers a high voltage stun gun with the capability to immobilize. Utilizing Guard Dog’s tested and legal amperage levels, rest assured you are carrying a device with true stopping power. Finally, three powerful built-in LED lights allow for clear visibility in dark and short distances. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, you’ll be able to ensure optimal charge levels without the need to purchase batteries. All inclusive personal security comes together in a compact, handheld and lightweight device. Modern defense for a modern world, the Guard Dog Hornet 2 keychain stun gun will quickly become the most practical and secure accessory for your daily carry.


Description Details
Colors Black, Pink
World’s smallest stun gun. The world’s smallest stun gun is back and better than ever with more security features, a more streamlined look and more powerful stun gun
Compact and powerful High voltage stun gun with enough power to take down an assailant
120db personal alarm Built-in 120 decibel personal alarm immediately calls for attention while scaring away an assailant
3 LED lights Built-in 3 powerful LEDs provide for opportune lighting
Rechargeable Never buy batteries, rechargeable battery with USB charging
Added convenience and comfort Effortlessly attach to your keychain for convenient and powerful levels of protection anywhere, including a holster. Rubberized non-slip grip