Guard Dog iStun

The world’s first smart phone looking stun gun

The Guard Dog Security introduces the world’s first and only iStun. The iStun is a cognitive self defense stun gun designed to resemble popular smart phones, yet emits a staggering electric shock capable to incapacitate an assailant. Although the patented iStun will not make calls or browse the web, it delivers the peace of mind of personal security.FACT: In a recent 2012 study conducted by the FCC, more than 40% of robberies involve smart phones and cell phones. In some areas, that rate is higher than 50%.The next time an attacker demands your smart phone, give them a surprise that will truly daze them- give them the iStun.


Description Details
Built to resemble the world’s most famous smart phone
4,000,000 stun gun
Built-in LED flashlight
Built-in rechargeable battery with charging cord
Premium iStun leather case
Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge, but convenient for quick use
Guard Dog exclusive, U.S. patent pending design