Guard Dog Orion

Easily locately flashlight in the dark

The Guard Dog Orion shines a 400 lumen wide-radius beam, capable being seen as far as the naked eye can travel. By pressing the glow in the dark tail switch, the Orion quickly changes to five functions; ultra bright, high, low, self defense strobe and emergency S.O.S.

Drop it or drown it, the Guard Dog Orion is built with a unique brushed copper finish in an aircraft grade body, ideal for any condition. The glow in the dark tail cap and head allow for easy access and location in dark areas. The Orion’s rigid front bezel also acts as a glass breaker and self defense device in the event of an emergency.

To boast its efficiency and usability, the Guard Dog Orion comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charging cradle. The blinding 400 lumen flashlight is equipped with up to a 100,000 bulb life in the enhanced aluminum reflector system.

The Guard Dog Orion is endured to be a go-to light for every household and enthusiast.


Description Details
400 lumen ultra bright tactical flashlight 5 tactical flashlight functions
• Ultra bright: 400 lumens
• High: 200 lumens
• Low: 45 lumens
• Strobe: 400 lumens
• S.O.S.: 400 lumens
Glow in the dark bezel and tail cap
All-weather resistant
Impact resistant
Up to 100,000 hour bulb life
Emergency glass breaker/self defense bezel
Type III aluminum alloy body
1” gun mountable
Includes lithium-ion rechargeable battery
wall plug-in battery charger