Level IIIA Full-Coverage Security Vest

Legacy Safety & Security’s Level IIIA Full-Coverage Security Vest is a high-quality level IIIA bulletproof vest that gives your body 100% full-coverage protection against all handgun rounds, effectively up to the .357 sig.

This security vest was designed specifically for security professionals, particularly security guards. The word “SECURITY” is featured on the front and back, stitched into the vest. Proudly worn by Signal 88 Security and G4S security personnel.

Choose from Level IIA or Level IIIA protection (recommended).


Lab tested by 2 NIJ accredited labs in the USA. (HP White and OBL).
Durable and light weight micro fiber outer shell MOLLE Shoulder straps to allow for gear attachments such as radio attachment.
Features two-pouch pockets on front portion of the vest for pens, pocket flashlights and other items.
Interior microfiber provides greater durability along duty belt.
Easy grip Side straps built to size to allow for the perfect fit while giving the user 100% full IIIA coverage.