Level IIIA Soft Armor Kit

The Level IIIA Soft Armor Kit by Legacy Safety & Security features a tactical MOLLE vest, a bulletpoof compression shirt and 4 level IIIA panels that can be utilized with either option. This kit gives the user an advantage of being able to use a tactical and concealed bulletproof option depending on the situation and overall threat level. As a SWAT officer or fugitive recovery agent this offers the perfect balance when dealing with a variety of situations.

The bulletproof compression shirt system uses level IIIA panels to protect you from virtually all handgun rounds, up to a .44 magnum. Legacy Safety & Security has the highest rated panels on the market, featuring a VERY low BFD* rating of 28. This means that the level of Blunt Trauma* is going to be much less than comparable vests. These panels can also be used in lieu of hard armor plates for the tactical carrier vest, which features: MOLLE webbing for adding attachments, ability to accept most plates (10X12 and 11X14), as well as fitting most sizes of person.

If you want plenty of bang for your buck, the Level IIIA Soft Armor Kit is the way to go!

*BFD stands for back-face deformation. It describes the effect of a non-penetrating projectile on the rear face of a strike plate. The extent of allowable deformation is set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in its Standards at 44mm.

*Blunt Trauma is the injury caused to the body by BFD. It can vary from bruising to the destruction of major organs.